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I’ve come to realize that when I share something, it isn’t to show others what I think they should know, it is to share with others, what the world has shared with me. In most cases I refer to the internet, but there are plenty of other sources to acknowledge. 

Recently, NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series played host to Daniel Johnston. Daniel is by all means past his prime in a traditional sense, having had a lengthy career making honest and stripped down records before being institutionalized and diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Now back out in the world, Daniel accepts his difficulties and has been touring with support as he continues to share his songs with an understanding and appreciative fan base. 

Now, I am new to Daniel Johnston, and I do not pretend to know his disorders. His performance is a terrible and, at the same time, touching statement of exactly how human we all are. Honesty is something the world has come to rely on the arts for as the more factual and tangible parts of life continue to twist and distort.